CCTV cameras

Play it safe and secure your establishment business with camera surveillance.

An extra pair of eyes on your hospitality business

We offer a wide range of professional IP-cameras for indoor and outdoor use, wide-angle lenses, cameras with optical zoom… Together we evaluate how to capture every angle of your establishment in order to offer you a customized solution.

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Why do I need surveillance cameras in my establishment?

  1. Discourage thieves and burglars and reduce the risk of burglary down to 92%.
  2. Create a work environment where you and your staff feel safe.
  3. In case of a burglary or theft the recordings can both confirm that the incident took place and possibly identify the people who are involved.
  4. Watch the footage in real-time and the locally stored recordings all from a remote location.
  5. Monitor your establishment remotely for safety reasons, to protect your equipment or hardware and to oversee whether your staff is working productively.
  6. We install the cameras in every place you want to keep an eye on. If you place the cameras strategically, you can capture every inch of your business.

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