There is a solution to every problem.

Payment terminals

Paying electronically has never been so easy. Place your card onto the terminal and *ping* your purchase is official.

  • Either connect the payment terminal to your cash register or don’t. A connected payment terminal allows you to pay quickly and safely, eliminates human error and provides you with more accurate reports.
  • Do your customers pay at the cash register or can they also pay at their table? Everything is possible with fixed and mobile payment terminals suitable for any POS system.
  • Ranging from Maestro to meal vouchers, you can chose with which payments cards your customer can pay.
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Don’t rack your brain over it: let the cashbox do the math for you.

  • Store your cash safely in a cashbox.
  • The cashbox scans and precisely registers the amount of money you deposit in order to give you the right amount of change.
  • Don’t lose any valuable time anymore when manually counting your cash drawer.
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Kitchen display

Increase efficiency in your kitchen by integrating a user-friendly kitchen display.

  • Guarantee effective communication between your kitchen and/or floor staff.
  • Gain insight into cooking times.
  • Everyone is able to use the display in their preferred language.
  • No more lost kitchen receipts.
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Claims of our customers regarding their kiosk:

  • My kiosk is never ill.
  • My foreign customers can easily see what they’re ordering.
  • My customers wait after they’ve ordered instead of walking out.
  • I save on staff expenses during a busy shift.
  • All orders automatically appear in my cash register, but my kiosk can also operate as a standalone device.
  • My customers order more extras.
  • My staff doesn’t enter any more incorrect orders into the cash register.
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Online orders

Focus soly on your core business by letting your customer order and pay online.

  • Either order via a QR-code at the table or via a Click & Collect webshop to pick-up/deliver at a pre-specified hour.
  • Customers can place their orders even during closing hours.
  • Customers can easily order in the comfort of their own home.
  • No more customers walking out without paying first.
  • Save on staff expenses.
  • Attract more customers.
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Pager system

Don’t strain your voice and discretly call floor staff and customers via a pager system.

  • Turn on the pager once the order is ready.
  • By paging your customers and letting them pick up their own orders, you need less floor personnel.
  • Make your floor staff come to you instead of searching for them or yelling out their names time after time.
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