1. Advice

Do you plan on opening a new hospitality business soon? Or are you unhappy with your current situation? We can give you advice on which POS system is the best match for your establishment.

Based on they way your hospitality business operates, the obstacles it undergoes, future plans, etc. we give you an honest recommendation with only one goal in mind: making sure your business runs as efficiently as possible. Next to that, we can get you in touch with the right people who can assist you with the integrations for your POS system.

2. Purchase

Now that we’ve determined together what you need, we can draw up a price quote for you.

Upon approval we sit down to go over the next steps and schedule them in.

3. Administration

To make sure everything stays on track, we continuously keep our books and records up-to-date. We help you with administrative matters, such as the registration for a certified POS system, the application of a VSC-card, the registration of the camera surveillance system, the usual paperwork for the payment terminals.

Meanwhile, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s on our end, which among other things means organizing administrative paperwork regarding the white cash register and acquring the hardware we agreed upon. For the sake of transparancy, we keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

4. Training

Next up, we give you a crash course on the system to turn you into an expert. We cover the general functionality of the operation system and the more specific features, so that you and your team are able to work with the cash register system independently and with ease.

5. Functional configuration

Every hospitality business is different. That’s why we carefully configure the POS system step by step to perfectly match your establishment.

We recreate the floorplan of your business, add all items and dishes you offer, personalize the interface, determine which order and payment methodes you want to integrate and define the setup of your reporting overview.

On top of that, we’ll gladly help you out with certain integrations.

6. Installation

Our technicians install, connect and power everything up on-site. At the same time we ensure that in the future we are able to support you remotely.

To avoid any surprises while you are serving your customers, we take precautions and do a test run.

It’s official… Now you’re ready to open your doors (or continue running your hospitality business).

7. Support

We’ve all seen it before. Just when your establishment is flooded with customers during the weekend, something malfunctions.

This couldn’t have come at a worse time, but not to worry, we are on standby to give you support 7 days a week, by phone and/or on-site.

De eerste ontmoeting vond plaats op de beurs in Gent in november 2014, specifiek voor de witte kassa. Er was een gevoel van wederzijds begrip, en Pierre legde de informatie begrijpelijk uit in ‘mensentaal’.

Aanvankelijk waren wij onervaren op het gebied van IT. Tills Solutions heeft alles geduldig uitgelegd met handen en voeten. Na tien jaar verloopt alles heel soepel, met snelle oplossingen voor uitzonderingen die moeilijk op de kassa te krijgen zijn, al de rest kunnen we zelf (ze hebben ons goed opgeleid).

Wij kiezen al jaren voor Tills vanwege de 7/7-ondersteuning. Voorbeelden van snelle hulp, in noodsituaties zoals een slechte blackbox van Fod Fin die op vrijdagavond wordt gefixt, of servers die uitvallen op zondagmiddag tijdens de service en binnen 5 minuten op afstand worden hersteld. Wij zouden Tills Solutions aanraden.

Onze zoon is ook een restaurant gestart…. Hij heeft alles zelf gekozen, we hebben hem enkel heel duidelijk op het kassasysteem gewezen…. Er zijn veel soorten kassa’s, maar er is maar 1 Tills ! De geruststelling komt ook voort uit de directe en snelle reacties op vragen of problemen, waardoor wij in alle rust kunnen blijven werken.

Hilde Notebaert

De Steenen Haene

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