A POS system highly relies on
a smoothly functioning, wireless network.

Don’t lose any revenue or customers due to a glitching network.

Any place you deem necessary, we can provide a network infrastructure, wired and via WiFi. Whether we can accomplish that with one simple router or with a server cabinet and several access points, we have the necessary knowhow and hardware to guarantee a stable and secure network. Say goodbye to poor connectivity, slow internet,…

…and say ‘hello’ to:

  • A smooth running network infrastructure every moment of the day.
  • Both wired as mobile devices that are always connected.
  • A steady WiFi-connection supported by a 4G backup module that allows an unhindered instream of online orders.
  • Permanent, in-house monitoring that allows us to quickly detect glitches and malfunctions.
  • All-around customer WiFi without disturbing your network connection.
  • An overview of your network connection and connected devices in the cloud.
  • A partner you can contact directly without having to go through a middleman. In-house support for both your network and your cash register.

Stay connected at all times with a stable and secure network in your hospitality business.

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